University of Salford students share their documenting ideas


On 13 December Jennifer and James from Venture Arts popped along to the University of Salford to hear from the six Graphic Design students who have been documenting Conversations Series II. From the outset we felt it would be a great opportunity to involve other external artists to document the project in whatever way they felt suitable - be it film, photography, written word, etc. The six artists split into pairs, with one of the pair attending for a couple of hours to each session each week. The students were also invited to be part of the discussions on the Whitworth sessions, to introduce them to the Outsider Art field and its labeling too!


Each duo prepared a presentation to share their ideas about what they have been documenting and how they have been documenting the residency. We heard about ideas around zines, films, sound pieces and installations. Each duo have been capturing the residency artists’ voices and artists in differing ways, and it was fascinating to hear about the students ideas on labeling and also how inks could be created to come off and leave a mark - to make you an outsider too! Watch this space in 2019 for more information from the students about what they have been up to and how it will be presented.

Kate Royle