PERSPECTIVES in Contemporary Art | Thursday Lates at the Whitworth

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PERSPECTIVES in Contemporary Art was presented by Venture Arts and seeked to open up conversations about the visibility of learning disabled artists within contemporary art spaces and how this relates to both the world of outsider art and the disability arts scene. This was one of a series of events and exhibitions from the PERSPECTIVES series showcasing over 80 learning disabled artists across Manchester and Salford.

Thank you to everyone who came to PERSPECTIVES in Contemporary Art on Thursday 29th November for our Thursday Late event at The Whitworth, our penultimate event in the PERSPECTIVES series. Visitors were presented with a wealth of knowledge through talks and presentations from specialists in the field of Outsider Art, shedding light on the way the term and the work is debated and considered, internationally and nationally. Artists from Venture Arts enjoyed speaking to people about their recent artworks and creative practices.


Snippet of Joe Beedles’ performance


We were also mesmerised by Conversations Series II residency artist Joe Beedles’ audio-visual piece - which is the first artistic development revealed from Conversations Series II. This live performance featured collaborations that had been happening within Conversations Series II, as well as works from other artists from the Venture Arts studio. The whole room was immersed in blue and pink lighting, as well as enigmatic sounds and visuals as the clip above shows.

Kate Royle