TATE Exchange Event Programme Announced

Conversations Series II, residency in progress, James Desser, Frances Heap, John Powell-Jones, Photo by James Pollitt, 2019

Conversations Series II, residency in progress, James Desser, Frances Heap, John Powell-Jones, Photo by James Pollitt, 2019

Conversations Series II: Other Transmissions

20-24 March, 10am-4pm daily

Artists and staff will be on hand each day in the Tate Exchange space to talk to you about the residency. Within the space visitors are asked to rearrange the letter tiles in response to the prompt ‘name something you find liberating or isolating.’ A camera will capture each person’s answer before it is rearranged by the next visitor. All the results will be shown on a screen at Artlink Hull, the next venue on the tour.

Thursday 21 March


Six University of Salford Graphic Design students will be in the Studio speaking about the work they have been doing to document the five-month residency, how it has altered their practice and how they feel about how artists are labelled.

1-3pmclosed session for the Blueroom artists in the studio – workshop led and photographed by learning disabled artists

Friday 22 March - Booking required via Eventbrite

All the talks on this day are in the Studio

10:30am Arrival and welcome speech

10:45-11:45am Six residency artists talking about the experience, with time for questions


Holly Grange, Curator of the Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection at the Whitworth presents about Outsider Art and talks with the artists about why they chose the pieces that appear in the exhibition


Lunch and networking time.

Please note: This is a free event, but should you be staying all day, lunch will not be provided. There is a café selling a range of hot and cold food downstairs.


Panel discussion around the labelling of artists - how they are labelled, by whom, for what purpose and how they feel about it. Join Venture Arts for a discussion with panellists: Holly Grange, Curator of The Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art CollectionTony Heaton, Disabled Artist and Chair of Shape Arts; Dr David O Flynn, Chair of the Adamson Collection and Consultant Psychiatrist at SLAM; Residency artist John Powell-Jones; and Ben Wilson, an artist whose work features in the Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection.

The panel will be chaired by Venture Arts’ Jennifer Gilbert.

Saturday 23 March, 1-4pm and Sunday 24 March.


Print and sound drop-in workshops in the Studio

During the drop-in workshop, visitors will get the chance to explore the relationship between sound and image via the use of contact mics and mono-printing. Sheets of acrylic will be used as mono-printing plates, while also being connected to the contact mics, amplifying the sound of the printing process. This workshop is suitable for all ages, with no prior knowledge required of either process.